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In the insurance sector, we believe that collaborations and efforts established from the very beginning of the insurance process are crucial. These collaborations aim to achieve customer satisfaction while also creating cost-saving business models and products for insurance companies.

With our experience, software infrastructure, centralized operational power, and network (REPAIR, SPARE PARTS, TIRE), we offer suggestions to help your company develop unique and competitive products.

We provide services in a work environment, where vehicle repairs are performed with accurate costs, ensuring customer satisfaction for policyholders, and simultaneously reducing operational expenses for insurance companies.


Repair Services

Minor Repair Services

Damage Repair

Paintless Dent Repair - Hail Damage Repair

Breakdown - Maintenance

Paintless Body Repair

Roadside Repair

Paint Repair - Minor Patch Repair

Fleet Operations

Windshield Repair

Tire Management and Storage

Plastic Bumper Repair

Service areas

Agency Claims Management System
Corporations and Fleets
Individual Vehicle Owners

Contracted Institutions

Our Networked Insurance Companies