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We are with you from the moment the need for repair arises in your vehicle until your satisfaction is achieved.

HOMER provides solutions by providing all the necessary support from a single point for all possible problems that individuals may experience with their passenger or light commercial cars that they use in their living quarters or during their travels throughout Turkey.

In addition, it provides repair, spare parts and assistance services under very favorable conditions, especially for vehicle owners without comprehensive insurance coverage.

  • Standard and centrally guaranteed service,
  • Central assessment and central pricing,
  • Standard and fixed pricing,
  • Central corporate interlocutor,

all over Turkey.


Centralized corporate service delivery

  • HOMER customers have the opportunity to access 100% guaranteed repair service and other assistance through a corporate structure when their vehicles experience damage or malfunctions, especially during their journeys or in their living areas.

A work system where all types of pricing are centrally determined at the beginning of the project

  • HOMER customers will have the opportunity to receive repair and assistance services  at fixed and highly advantageous prices throughout Turkey.

Fast and modern communication technologies

  • Thanks to advanced mobile application and internet technologies, HOMER will always be there for its customers, providing communication 24/7, including emergency situations.

Integrated service approach

  • HOMER customers will experience the privilege of accessing all these services through a single tap on their smartphones or with a single phone call using a dedicated application.

Data storage service

  • HOMER customers can access all the photos and documents generated during repairs at HOMER anytime over the internet and can download them to their personal computers. HOMER stores all documents for a period of 3 years.

Spare parts procurement service

  • HOMER customers can procure the necessary spare parts for repairs , along with all available alternatives, at a significant discount in Turkey. HOMER provides customers with spare part procurement services without profiting from part prices.

Replacement vehicle service

  • HOMER customers have the opportunity to obtain spare vehicles at very affordable and fixed prices during the repair process.

Insurance company services

  • HOMER customers receive the complimentary service of organizing and tracking all processes related to their Comprehensive or Third Party Insurance during repairs at HOMER. HOMER centrally executes and monitors the entire process, including opening a claim file

Spare parts information and procurement service

  • HOMER customers can receive free information support regarding original codes, original parts, prices, and alternative brands for all kinds of spare parts and consumables they might need for their vehicles, even if not repaired at HOMER. Additionally, upon request, they can obtain spare parts with a significant (professional) discount.

Campaign advantages

  • HOMER customers can also benefit from special periodic campaigns to receive services such as maintenance and minor repairs for their vehicles at very affordable prices.


Services for Individual Clients

  • Vehicle Repair Services
    • Damage Repair
    • Minor Repairs
    • Breakdown Repairs
    • Roadside Assistance (Breakdown repair on the road)
    • Maintenance
  • Spare Part Procurement Service
  • Tire Storage and Management Service
  • Spare Part Information and Procurement Service
  • Assistance Services
    • Towing Service
    • Roadside Repair Service
    • Spare Vehicle Supply Service

Service areas

Insurance Sector
Agency Claims Management System
Corporations and Fleets

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