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Homer Auto Service Mobil Aplikasyon

“There Is A World Where
The Joy Of Travel Is Uninterrupted”

The HOMER brand was created by Atılım Otomotiv Inc. in 2003, through an R&D project in a service area of 2500 m2 initially designed as a laboratory. The vision of 'a world where the joy of travel is uninterrupted,' initiated with the belief that should have happened 20 years ago, has been step by step developed and translated into a software application.

In light of acquired experience and observations, an infrastructure and organization that enables vehicle repair and all other needs to be provided centrally in the process "from the moment of need until the journey continues" for every brand of vehicle in Turkey was established. With its know-how, technical infrastructure, and network, HOMER ensures that vehicle damage, maintenance, and malfunction problems are solved centrally by contacting a single institution for Fleet Companies, Insurance Companies, and any institution that owns vehicles. As of 2023, HOMER has become the single Service Point for all individuals who own or use vehicles, offering the same standards, quality, and cost all over Turkey.

HOMER, which n the process of establishing an e-Car network to fulfill the requirements of today's technology, especially for electric vehicles, for potential damage, maintenance, and breakdown issues that a vehicle may encounter, strengthens this entire service organization through its sister companies. Together with LEMMA SOFTWARE operating in GOSB Technopark and HLD OTOMOTİV, which is the first and most experienced institution of Turkey in terms of spare part supply, HOMER brings together all kinds of information and capabilities related to the automobile.

Our Mission


Our Distinctive Missions

  • Creating an innovative brand, product, and work culture,
  • Providing the fastest and safest service using the latest technology,

Our Locator Missions

  • Establishing a financially and structurally strong brand corporation,
  • Leading changes in the industry by consistently considering the future,
  • Developing experienced and versatile human resources, introducing different products and services to the sector,

Our Behavioral Missions

  • Developing a sincere communication approach toward our customers,
  • Solving problems with constructive approaches and being prepared by developing solutions before issues arise.