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In Homer!

Homer makes your life easier! 

Dijital Transformation
Metıculous and
Swıft ServIce
In RepaIr

We offer the most rigorous, fast, and cost-effective service
for all your vehicle's repair needs.

Vehicle Repair

We flawlessly manage all processes related
to your vehicle's damage repair under
a single roof and at the lowest cost.

Operations Management
We are Ready
for the Cars
of the Future!

You have an electric car,
but do you have the service?
HOMER is the best address for your vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Homer Services


Multi-brand Vehicle Repair is a delicate and crucial field that requires knowledge of the technical specifications of each brand's vehicle.

At HOMER Auto Service, we perform repairs on the vehicle body for every brand with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee at all our service points.


As HOMER Auto Service, we provide Periodic Maintenance and Repair services for your vehicles at our nearest service point to you nationwide.

Thanks to our system's alternative spare part options, consumable material prices, and standardized labor practices, we enable you to receive Periodic Maintenance and Mechanical Repair services quickly, with the right parts and affordable labor costs.

Homer e-Car

Homer trains HOMER e-Car experts to serve at least 24 Service Points across Turkey, with its Electric Vehicle Laboratory where it is established in the Headquarters building and its competent trainer staff holding international certificates in the HOMER e-Car Training and Calibration Center.

Moreover, regarding the calibration of the safety systems in next-generation smart vehicles, HOMER trains and invests in 16 Service Points across the country to perform calibrations with BOSCH DAS 3000 devices.

Minor Repair

Minor Damage Repair
At HOMER Auto Service, we provide repair services for small-scale damages occurring on the vehicle body, paint, plastic bumpers, interior upholstery, and windshield at all of our service points.


HOMER Auto Service is the first organized network in all of Turkey that addresses your vehicle's breakdowns right at its location. In cases where it's possible for your vehicle's repairs to be carried out at its current location, as soon as you reach out to us, our nearest HOMER service dispatches its expert personnel to your vehicle's location to perform the repair.

Tire Management and Storage

In parallel with its Auto Service Network, HOMER also provides professional Tire Management and Storage Services for commercial entities and individuals.

Paintless Dent Repair

With its full-time expert paintless dent repair teams, HOMER Auto Services fix body damage, especially due to hail, that does not require paint repair.

Homer Hizmetleri

Türkiye Sigorta Lastik

Türkiye Sigorta Müşteri Platformu Lastik Saklama Kampanyası

Lastik Yönetimi Kampanyası

Sigorta ve Kasko Poliçelerine

Ücretsiz Lastik Sökümü ve Saklama

UNICO Sigorta Lastik Kampanyası

UNICO Sigorta kasko poliçelerinde

UNICO SİGORTA vın Kasko müşterile için kış lastiği saklama ve değişim hizmetleri vermesi konusunda HOMER ile yaptığı çalışma ile Türkiyede ilk defa bir sigorta poliçesinde  Lastik hizmeti verilmeye başlandı.

Hayatı Kolaylaşltıran Çözümler homer de. 

Electronic Part Supply System

With its 20 years of experience, HLD operates on the infrastructure developed by LEMMA YAZILIM for HLD within the technopark. Its aim is to enable organizations to save money with its professional team and unique infrastructure that is not found elsewhere in Turkey. All processes are completely automated and sequential within the system, carried out transparently under the supervision and approval of the customer organization.

Corporate Vehicle Management

CAR MAESTRO serves organizations in vehicle fleet management through HOMER's experience in repair and service network management, HLD OTOMOTIV's expertise in spare parts and management services, and the software and communication platforms developed by LEMMA SOFTWARE.

Advanced Software Solutions

Since 2007, LEMMA SOFTWARE has been producing R&D projects within the scope of GOSB Technopark. It updates programs like Damage Expertise, Fleet Management, Service Network Management, Spare Part Supply Management, and Tire Operation Management with user-friendly software built on completely parametric infrastructures. Currently, these programs are being utilized independently and/or in an integrated manner in HOMER, Insurance Claims, and Fleet Operation companies.

Tire Management

In parallel with the Auto Service Network, HOMER provide professional Tire Management and Storage Services for commercial entities and individuals.

We Are All Over Turkey

Standard service and pricing guarantee across every corner of Turkey

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